What Are Traditional Newborn Gifts?

Exploring Time-Honored and Modern Gifts for Newborns

by Coterie Team

Finding the perfect gift for a newborn (and their folks!) can be tricky. The best one is often the most thoughtful, like a more sustainable and eco-friendly option that can help during the early days of parenthood. But how do you narrow down your choices?

There are a couple of traditional newborn gifts that you can consider, along with a range of practical presents that you can give. In this guide, we’ll help you pick the right newborn gift!

Traditional Newborn Gifts

If there is not a registry already, picking a gift that is more typically given for newborns is a safe bet. Here’s a look into the typical presents given to babies:


Newborns go through multiple diapers a day, so giving new parents a few packs is always a welcome gift! Be sure to give only the best for the little one, like Coterie’s The Diaper, which is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and free from more than 200 chemicals. Pro tip: Consider gifting a size 2 or 3 diaper. Babies outgrow sizes NB and 1 fast, and other people may be giving those smaller sizes anyway.


Clothes are a fun gift to give to newborn babies. You can give them classic everyday wear, like a colorful set of onesies. On the other hand, you can give them something a bit more creative or personalized, like clothes with the baby’s name or chic patterns. We also recommend considering clothes of a variety of sizes here, not just newborn. Babies grow fast!


Baby bottles are an investment for every parent, given that their newborn is going to use them for a while. Giving parents a high-quality set of bottles will come in handy.


A newborn’s skin is soft and supple–and very sensitive! A skincare set designed for babies’ sensitive skin is a smart gift to help prevent diaper rash or irritation.


Toys are still some of the most popular newborn gifts. Even when a child is too young to play with toys on their own, toys can be a great way to pique their curiosity and stimulate their mind and movement. A baby rattle is one of the most traditional presents; get creative by gifting one that’s customized or made-to-order.


Storybooks offer new kids and their parents an opportunity to bond. They can help to create a tradition that parents carry out well into the child’s toddler years. If you want your gift to be extra special, you can even create the storybook yourself!

Choosing the Best Gift for a Newborn

There are many options when it comes to the best gifts for newborns, but you don’t have to be overwhelmed. It’s quite simple to choose the right present for a baby; it often just boils down to sentiment and practicality.

You can give something that the whole family will cherish for life - something that will represent a deeper meaning that they can carry throughout the years, or you can give a pragmatic gift with the baby’s comfort and wellbeing in mind. When making your choice, think about your relationship with the parents and what you’d like to give them, too, as a way to show your congratulations or to help them out in the pivotal first few weeks of parenthood.

Coterie’s Newborn Gift

Coterie has designed a newborn gift bundle that’s thoughtful, practical, and beautiful. The Newborn Gift comes with The Diaper and The Wipe, along with a handy, water-resistant pouch that holds a day’s worth of diapers and travel wipes with room for a bottle or toys, plus a charming, adorable Charlie the Bunny plushie. Everything is presented in a lovely keepsake box for easy gifting, no wrapping required!