What Is the Best Gift to Bring When Visiting a Newborn?

Choosing Meaningful and Practical Gifts for New Arrivals

by Coterie Team

Whether you’re an aunt or uncle looking for the best gift for new parents or grandparents searching for the best gift for your new grandchild, the question is–how do you choose what to bring when visiting a newborn?

A practical and thoughtful gift, like Coterie’s The Newborn Gift, is a great option. A newborn gift can be meaningful, in that it brings joy and happiness to the child or parents. But it can also be pragmatic–something that can be used to make parenthood easier or make the baby more comfortable.

In this guide, we’ll go through several newborn gift options, from diapers and wipes to toys and skincare.

Newborn Gift Ideas

There are plenty of things that you can give a newborn (or their parents!), but here’s a curated list of presents that they’ll surely welcome:

Diapers and Wipes

Diapers and wipes are a gift combo that any parent would welcome, especially since they're a necessity! Coterie’s Newborn Gift comes with the high-performing Diaper and Wipe, along with a handy, water-resistant pouch and a charming Charlie the Bunny plushie for a cute touch!

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is an ideal gift for a breastfeeding parent. It’ll make the experience more comfortable for both the baby and mother.

Breast Milk and Bottle Warmer

Breast milk and bottle warmers are some of the most pragmatic gifts you can give. They safely and quickly heat up breast milk and formula so parents can give their little ones what they need at just-the-right temperature.

Baby Monitor

Parents will always want to stay connected to and check up on their child–even if they’re not physically in the same room with them. A baby monitor allows them to do that, making it a gift that’s both thoughtful and practical!


Toys are great gifts because they stimulate a newborn baby’s mind, and they allow parents to create bonding experiences with their little ones. You can also throw in a play mat where they can gather their toys for fun times and some tummy time.

Memory Book

A memory book allows parents to record milestones in their child’s life. You can even give digital memory books for added convenience!

Baby Skincare

Baby skincare is always a welcome gift. While a newborn’s skin is delicate and less can be more in the first few months, if dry skin, diaper rash, or eczema appear, skincare products can help (along with parents consulting with their pediatrician, of course).

Bibs and Pacifiers

Parents often underestimate how frequently their newborn may go through bibs and pacifiers, either from rapid growth or simply just losing things here and there. A set of these essentials will allow them to always have one on hand when needed!

Things to Consider When Buying a Newborn Gift

When buying a newborn gift, consider the following three points: the baby’s age, the present’s sentiment, and the gift’s practicality.


Your choice of gift may vary depending on where a baby is developmentally and physically. Babies grow quickly, so pick something more timeless or that they can grow into.


When a gift is meaningful, it can stand the test of time. Consider the child or the relationship you have with their parents, and connect that to your gift idea.


A good newborn gift is something that will make parenthood easier or will make the baby more comfortable. Or better yet, choose a gift that will be useful for the whole family.

The Newborn Gift from Coterie

Coterie’s Newborn Gift maximizes sentiment and practicality, by including The Diaper and The Wipe plus a pouch and a cute bunny plushie–all wrapped in a beautiful gift box. It’s the best gift to bring when visiting a newborn. Get it from our website today!