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Two leaves
Two leaves

Diapering products spend a lot of time close to your baby, so we hold ours to the highest safety standards. They’re third-party tested in independent labs, and we publish the results for transparency.

A child walking outdoors.
A child walking outdoors.

Our products undergo dual safety testing:

Chemical compound testing

Our products are proven to be free, below detectable levels, or (when regulation exists) significantly below allowed levels of 200+ chemicals that may be considered toxic or harmful for use. We continually update what we test for as regulations and awareness of ingredient safety evolve.

Clinical HRIPT testing

All materials that may come in contact with your baby’s skin undergo clinical testing for allergenicity and sensitization, and are proven hypoallergenic in independent labs under the supervision of board-certified dermatologists.

All of our products are:

Product Safety Reports

  • The Diaper

    Tested by SGS Laboratories, December 2022

  • The Pant

    Tested by SGS laboratories, March 2023

  • The Wipe

    Tested by PCR Laboratories, May 2022

  • The Swimsuit

    Tested by SGS Laboratories, January 2024

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Leaves on branches.
Leaves on branches.

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