Everything you’ve ever wanted in a diaper.

  • Fewer Leaks and Blowouts

    Extra-wide back panel and absorbent core mean fewer accidents day and night — and no need for separate overnight diapers.

  • Protects Against Diaper Rash

    Powerful transfer layer wicks moisture away within seconds, guards against diaper rash.

  • Cleanest Materials

    Clothing-grade materials feel amazing on your baby’s skin. Safe and fragrance-free to reduce the chance of allergic reactions and skin irritations.

  • Better Sleep

    Fast wicking and high-absorbency means your baby is less likely to wake up because they’re wet, day and night.

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High-Performing Diapers for the Most Important Job

Fastest Wicking

A powerful transfer layer moves liquid away from skin within 15 seconds – up to 4x faster than other diapers.

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