Should I Wake My Baby to Change Their Diaper?

To Wake or Not? Navigating Nighttime Changes

by Coterie Team

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One of the keys to well-rested parents and children is being able to stealthily change your child's diaper while they sleep. A well-fitting, disposable diaper can often be the first step in mastering this art.

Hygiene Versus Sleep

Everyone needs sleep, including yourself and your child. Being woken up can often mean difficulty falling back asleep, and this is doubly true when you have an infant that is awake and hungry.

Hygiene is extremely important for young children. Therefore, if you notice that your baby has had a number two, you want to change them right away. Not changing a dirty diaper can lead to diaper rash and skin infections. In cases like this, waking the baby may be unavoidable, as you need to ensure they are clean and dry.

For children who have simply had a small tinkle in the night, you may not need to change the diaper at all. Modern diapers such as those made by Coterie are extremely absorbent. They are made to withstand small messes by wicking the moisture away from the skin and into the diaper. In situations like this, you can leave the diaper on.

You should change the diaper if you notice significant added weight due to liquid. While Coterie diapers are made to hold up to 70% more liquid than the competition, this is primarily to prevent leaks. If there is an abundance of liquid in the diaper, you should change it, as wet skin can increase the likelihood of diaper rash.

Changing a Sleeping Baby

Assuming the inevitable has happened and you must change a diaper, there are some things you can do to lower the chances of waking your child. First, you’ll want to keep the lights low. A simple night light might be enough.

Secondly, a child who has been active during the day is likely to sleep more soundly at night. Providing plenty of playtime will help to stimulate their brain. This helps release all that energy that might otherwise go into a nighttime tantrum.

Furthermore, by keeping your child stimulated during the day, they’ll become used to your touch. If you notice your child stirring while changing them, a simple stroke of the hair or a gentle touch on the arm can help keep your child from waking. They will find it calming and it will help guide them back to sleep.

Lastly, some parents find it helpful to play white noise when their children sleep. This background noise, be it a fan, an air purifier, or a noise machine, helps condition the baby to sleep through small noises. It further helps to minimize the chances of them waking when you’re opening drawers or throwing away dirty diapers.

Perfect Fit, Peaceful Sleep

An uncomfortable baby is going to let you know they’re unhappy. Making sure your child has diapers that fit properly is essential–diapers that are too large will slide off, and diapers that are too small may cause irritation from friction.

Finding the right size diaper is easy: simply head over to our baby diaper sizing guide. It has information to help you decide when it is time to upgrade sizes, as well as details on how many diapers are in each pack so you can decide how many diapers you should use per day.

At Coterie, we understand that your baby’s health and happiness is connected to your own. Our diapers are thoughtfully engineered with the finest materials to help absorb liquid and provide a perfect fit, so you can rest assured and your child can feel more comfortable!