How Many Diapers Do Babies Use in a Day?

Planning Your Diaper Needs: From Newborns to Potty Training

by Coterie Team

coterie diaper on baby
coterie diaper on baby

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Knowing how many diapers your child will need throughout the day is important. No one wants to find out they used the last diaper after the stores have closed.

An excellent way to help ensure you always have enough diapers on hand is by working with a diaper subscription service such as Coterie, which provides diapers for newborns to those potty training, and every size in between. That said, this post will provide helpful information regarding how many diapers you can expect your child to use.

Newborn Diaper Use

On average, you can expect to change your newborn's diaper every two to three hours. This means that you’ll typically use around eight to twelve diapers per day.

The reason for this changing schedule has to do with your baby’s anatomy. Newborn muscles simply aren’t developed–the baby has spent the last nine months floating comfortably and has yet to develop the muscles used in daily life. Furthermore, because newborns are on a primarily liquid diet, this means more liquids and fewer solids ending up in the diaper.

It is essential that you change a soiled diaper right away if your child has had a number two. Not changing these diapers can quickly lead to irritation and rashes.

Thanks to Coterie’s robust construction which absorbs liquids up to four times faster than the competition (based on lab testing against other commercially available brands), moisture can be effectively kept away from the skin and inside the diaper itself. While Coterie diapers are made to hold up to 70% more liquid than other brands (based on lab tests), a soggy diaper is also a recipe for diaper rash.

If you notice significant weight in the diaper due to liquid, it’s time to change it. With any luck, you won’t even have to wake your baby while changing their diaper.

Six Months and Up

At this stage in your child's development, their bowel and bladder muscles are more fully formed. Typical daily use for a child at six months is around seven to nine diapers a day.

For some, this could mean fewer restless nights for you and the baby.

When your child reaches around this age, you can expect to see as few as five or six diaper changes a day (but like everything with babies, this can vary!). It is during this time that many parents start to introduce solid foods which can affect their digestion and elimination routines.

The Benefits of a Subscription

At Coterie, our diaper subscription starts out at nearly 200 diapers a month for newborns. As your child grows and you begin ordering larger sizes, we’ll automatically reduce the number of diapers we deliver. This helps to keep you from having an oversupply of unused diapers.

If you find that your child uses more or fewer diapers than the average child, you can adjust your delivery schedule to any time period between three to five weeks. This ensures you always have enough diapers on hand, but not so many that you don’t use them all.

Peace of Mind

Parenthood is complicated enough without trying to plan ahead for exact diaper use. Let Coterie help you worry about one less thing.