Newborn Gift Box Sets

Finding the Perfect Welcome Gift for New Babies

by Coterie Team

Whether your best friend is welcoming their first child into the world or your coworker is preparing for maternity or paternity leave, a gift box set specifically designed for newborns is the perfect way to show you share their excitement.

However, you aren’t the only one looking for a gift box set to welcome the new baby with. Department stores, online retailers, and small businesses all offer their own variation on these newborn gift box sets. While each provides high-quality items the new parents are sure to love, you don’t want to be the fifteenth person to give the same onesie and blanket to them.

Coterie has designed the ultimate newborn gift box set for new parents, complete with luxury babycare items that are dermatologist-tested and cruelty-free. The gift box comes with our signature infant care items, The Pouch, and a Charlie the Bunny plushie–all in a thoughtful keepsake box.

Choosing a Gift for Expecting Parents

Baby showers are the perfect time to celebrate expecting parents and prepare for their little one to enter the world. The right gift is more than checking boxes off on a registry; it’s about equipping soon-to-be parents with the tools they need to help their baby grow.

A gift box is the ultimate solution for a close friend or family member to give to expecting parents. These boxes are filled with items that are adorable, soft, and ready for the newest family member to enjoy.

So, What Do They Need?

Not all gift boxes are created equal, and the most popular ones tend to follow the same pattern: a onesie, a baby blanket, and a stuffed animal.

While adorable and appreciated, your gift may not stand out from the rest if it follows that same pattern. Not to mention, the items you select may not align with the expecting parents’ vision for a nursery. To give a gift that stands out, you need to think about what the family will need long-term.

A Brand They Can Trust

Being a new parent today may be more confusing than ever, with an increasing number of babycare brands, most of which fail to publish safety reports on their products. New parents want to find products that keep their baby safe and happy, and happy babies can mean more rest for sleep-deprived adults!

Parents today are thoughtful consumers, but may not have the time to do the in-depth research they need to find the right brands they can rely on. Coterie takes the guesswork out of babycare.

Our diapers are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free, and free of over 200 chemicals. The Coterie wipes are pediatrician-approved and EWG and FSC certified. Additionally, Coterie is the only diaper brand to publish our safety report, making us a brand parents can trust.

The Essentials

Your gift box needs more than a recommendation for babycare brands–it needs to put its money where its mouth is. Sampling babycare items adds up quickly, and expecting parents are willing to make the investment in tried-and-true products.

Our Newborn Gift Box comes with a travel-sized pack of our signature wipes, our exclusive diaper pouch, and two packs of our luxurious diapers in sizes N and 1.

Gifts That Give Back to Parents

While a new baby is exciting, new parents need the gifts just as much. The Pouch is our ultra-light, water-resistant travel bag made from recycled bottles, so new parents can feel good about using high-quality, sustainable babycare items. The Pouch holds a day’s worth of diapers, our travel-sized wipes, and comes with a zippered interior pocket to keep their phone, keys, and wallet.

The right diapers and wipes can make a world of difference for expecting parents. With premium wipes and diapers, parents can spend less time trying to manage skin irritation and diaper rashes, and more time enjoying those first few months with their baby.

Something for Baby

Every gift box set needs something adorable for folks to “ooh” and “aah” over. Charlie the Bunny is our ultra-soft, Newborn Gift-exclusive plushie who seamlessly integrates into any nursery design. While Charlie can’t share the crib with little ones until they’re twelve months old, he’s sure to become their favorite stuffy during playtime.

The Newborn Gift By Coterie

Finding the right newborn gift set can solve problems expecting parents didn’t even know they might encounter, setting them up for an easier transition into parenthood. At Coterie, we put safety and comfort above all else, allowing new parents to focus on the joys of parenthood with products they feel good about using.

Get the expecting parents in your life started today with our Newborn Gift Box set!