What Are the Best Gifts for Newborns?

Unique and Essential Gifts for the Newest Family Member

by Coterie Team

From the most innovative prams and strollers to the silliest onesies, looking through the baby registry can be a bit overwhelming. You want to give your expecting friend or family member a gift their new family will cherish and appreciate, giving them the ultimate warm welcome to parenthood. But where do you start?

Baby clothes, stuffed animals, and baby bottles are on every new parent’s wishlist. While these gifts are thoughtful and useful, it can make it difficult for your gift to stand out. The key is to find a gift that is both unique and helpful, that both parents and their newborn will appreciate.

For a gift that is personal, appreciated, and sure to be used, newborn gifts fall into three categories: outside-the-box, aesthetic, and everyday.

The Outside-the-Box

If you want to stand out against a sea of stuffed animals, onesies, and pacifiers, you have options beyond what’s listed on the baby registry. Many new parents are grateful for a subscription to a meal delivery service, like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, to help them get through those first few months.

Music class and other baby classes are great for new parents looking for ways to enrich their little one’s life. Look into ‘Baby Sensory’ classes in your area, such as Music Together, or even classes babies can take within their first year, such as some swim classes.

These gifts take the burden out of meal planning and prepping, or finding enrichment activities for their little one as they grow. New parents will love that they have reliable structure, especially when they’re sleep-deprived.

The Aesthetic

We love our friends and family members who are organized and cultivate an environment they love, but once their baby enters the world, it’s a wonderful chaos of diaper changes and spit-up. That doesn’t mean new parents have to sacrifice their creature comforts of items that look and feel good!

For nursery items, consider a salt lamp or a chic sound machine-night light combination. Their nursery will typically be dimly-lit in those first few months to support their newborn’s sleep, and lights that have a gentle glow will make the nursery feel like a spa. Want to go the extra mile? Black-out curtains that go in line with the nursery’s color scheme and a humidifier will complete the space, and new parents will be thanking you for the next year.

The Everyday

On any online forum for parents, you’ll find respondents emphasizing that the best gifts are the ones they use every day. We’re talking diapers, wipes, burp cloths, ointments, and more. Parents today want to purchase products that not only feel good for their baby, but that are good for their baby.

The truth is, most baby brands don’t release a safety report. This leaves question marks in areas that should feel certain and secure, and new parents don’t have time to research every brand. Coterie is the only diaper brand to release our safety report.

Made with cleaner ingredients, our diapers are soft-as-cashmere and free of over 200 chemicals, cruelty-free, and dermatologist tested. Our signature diapers are designed for sleep, with faster wicking and more absorbency so parents can spend more time making memories, and less time stressing during diaper changes.

Coterie also offers luxurious diaper wipes that are as thoroughly tested as our diapers. Our wipes are pediatrician-approved, EWG and FSC certified, and have earned the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, meaning new parents will rejoice over this gift.

The Newborn Gift Set

The Coterie Newborn Gift Set is designed for new parents who are ready to enjoy products that are designed with their little one in mind. Our box set is equipped with:

  • Two packs of our diapers (sizes N and 1)
  • A travel-sized pack of our signature wipes
  • Our exclusive diaper Pouch, made from recycled bottles and ultra-light and water-resistant
  • A Charlie the Bunny plushie

Each newborn gift bundle is wrapped in a keepsake box, accompanied with a stunning foil-stamped card.

Sending your gift from afar? No problem. Our team thoughtfully wraps the gift for you so your loved ones can feel your support no matter where you are. Gift a cleaner, more sustainable newborn gift with their safety and comfort in mind today!