How to Tell if a Diaper Is Too Small

Recognizing the Signs That It’s Time to Size Up Your Baby’s Diapers

by Coterie Team

Once you’ve mastered the art of changing diapers, your next discovery is recognizing when it’s time to size-up your diapers. From newborn life to toddlerdom, your little one is going to go through significant growth spurts. These spurts can be sudden, but there are usually signs that hint a new growth milestone is coming up.

If you subscribe to a high-quality baby diaper subscription service, it’s important to catch these signs early to adjust your next order. After all, the last thing you want is too-small diapers in your diaper bag when you’re caught in a pinch!

There are five ways to tell it’s time to go up in size:

  • You notice red marks on your baby’s skin when you change their diaper, particularly on the leg cuffs and waistband.

  • The pull tabs on the diaper are securing further and further from your child’s belly.

  • Your current diaper size isn’t fully covering your baby’s bottom.

  • Leaks and blowouts are happening more frequently.

  • Your baby is reaching the maximum weight capacity for their current diaper size.

In this article, we’ll explore these signs and the importance of wearing the right size diaper for your baby’s comfort and health.

Signs It’s Time to Size Up

When your little one is wearing a diaper that is too small for them, this impacts the diaper’s ability to absorb waste. This can cause moisture to build up and sit against your baby’s delicate skin, increasing the chances of diaper rashes.

To help keep your baby comfortable, you’ll want to look carefully at these signs:

You Notice Red Marks

If you notice redness around your baby’s stomach and legs (specifically, where the leg cuffs of the diaper sit), it’s a sign your current diaper size is too small. You may also notice chaffing around their hips and groin, which also could be a sign it’s time to size up.

The Tabs Are Further From the Stomach

When the fastening tabs on your diapers don’t reach the center of the waistband, it’s a sign your little one has outgrown their current diaper size.

With a well-fitted diaper, you should be able to comfortably fit one to two fingers under the waistband when it is fastened. The tabs should be close to the center of their stomach, but not overlapping. If the pull tabs have to rest closer to their hips than the middle of their stomach, it’s time to move up in size!

Blowouts and Leaks Are Increasing

If your baby’s diaper isn’t fully covering their bottom and you’re experiencing more frequent leaks and blowouts, it’s time to change sizes. Proper coverage over their bottom is one of the features that helps prevent leaks from occurring, so if you can see any part of your little one’s rear when their diaper is on, it’s probably time for the next size up.

You’re On the Upper End of the Weight Limit

Diaper sizing is partially determined by the weight of your child, and each size supports a range of weights. If your current size supports babies twelve to sixteen pounds and your baby is fifteen pounds, you’ll likely be needing that larger size sooner rather than later!

Choose Comfort With Coterie

When your baby is wearing the perfect size diaper, they are free to wiggle, roll, and explore. Coterie’s diapers are crafted with comfort in mind, using soft-like-cashmere, apparel-grade materials and with up to twelve hours of leak protection, so you and baby can get the most out of your diapers!