What Goes In a Diaper Bag?

Pack, Go, Glow: Diaper Bag Essentials for On-the-Move Parents

by Coterie Team

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Aside from figuring out how many diapers fit in your on-the-go bag, you need a range of items on you at all times depending on your child’s age and development. For example, your diaper bag might be filled nearly to the brim with popular baby diaper subscription diapers when they’re a newborn and need to be changed every few hours. However, when they reach the toddler years, you might only need one or two.

In this handy guide, we’ll dive into what absolutely must be in your diaper bag and what can stay behind.

The Essentials

First, you will need your own diaper bag. We recommend a bag that is weather resistant, easy to carry, and comes with multiple pockets or pouches for easier organization. Insulated pockets are helpful for bottle feeding and roomier bags are ideal for parents of multiples.

Next, you will need:

  • Diapers: It’s best to pack one diaper for every two to three hours you’ll be out and a few extra just in case.

  • Wipes: Some wipes come in travel sizes, which can help if you have a smaller bag or less space.

  • Diaper cream: Most ointments and creams come in travel sizes. We recommend choosing one that can act as a protective barrier on the skin to help prevent rashes.

  • Hand sanitizer: Opt for an alcohol-free sanitizer because they are gentler on your baby’s skin.

  • A change of clothes: Messes and leaks happen, so it’s best to be prepared!

  • A baby hat and sunscreen: Your baby’s skin is delicate, and UV rays can make an impact–even on cloudy days.

  • Disposable diaper bags: These are ideal for when a trash can is not readily available.

  • A changing pad: With a portable changing mat, your little one always has a familiar and clean spot for diaper changes.

  • Pacifiers and other toys: Perfect little distractions for long car rides or when you’re stuck in line at the market.

  • Burp cloths and washcloths: These come in handy especially during the first year!

You may find your diaper bag replaces your usual go-to bag for your essentials, too! Make sure to save a ‘parent pouch’ or pocket for your belongings, like your phone, chapstick, wallet, and keys.

The Extras

Being a parent means you get all of the unexpected moments, the wholesome and the challenging. If you have space in your bag for a few extra items, these tools can save the day:

  • An extra diaper in a size up: Little ones outgrow ‘little’ very quickly, and nothing is worse than a blowout from a diaper that is too small. Having an extra size-up diaper on hand can help in a pinch.

  • Nursing cover: This is helpful if you anticipate nursing in public and would like additional coverage, but isn’t necessary for all parents.

  • An extra shirt for parents: No matter how many burp cloths you use, you’ll always find a surprise amount of spit-up on your shoulder or collar.

Other extras include snacks, band-aids, and a light blanket. The snacks and band-aids come in handy when your child reaches the toddler years and they’re rumbling and tumbling through the world.

To Wrap It Up

Your diaper bag is your partner-in-crime as you take on the journey of parenthood. Need to restock on your favorite diapers and plastic-free baby wipes? Coterie has you covered. Our diapers have up to twelve hours of leak protection and up to 70% more liquid capacity that other brands so you and your little one can spend more time adventuring, and less time on the changing table!