Classic Cap

A chic sidekick for those days when you can’t be bothered to do your hair. At least 20% of the purchase price will be donated to Good+Foundation.*


You're a hat person now

Getting out the door with babies in tow is a new adventure each day. When all else fails, throw on a hat—preferably this one.

Rodney quotes, "Our children have community care and love. Our neighborhood is old school, we look out for eachother"
Rodney wearing the SYLP classic cap and crewneck.

Profits from this merchandise will be donated to Good+Foundation—a national nonprofit providing under-resourced families with essential goods and services. Because no parent is an island.

A woman sits on the floor holding her baby in a stone colored SYLP cap.
Coco, a filmmaker, quotes "A community that supports parents is a community that supports children."

Available for a limited time

A detailed rendering of the SYLP art print, Custom illustration by Na Kim, featuring words from John Fuller’s poem “Lullaby”