What Are the Best Baby Wipes?

The criteria to consider when choosing a wipe

by Coterie Team

Picking an excellent brand of baby wipes can make a huge difference, with the average parent using between 8,000 and 10,000 wipes every year and changing more than 300 diapers per month during the early newborn stages.

From ensuring your selected baby wipes don’t contain chemicals that can irritate soft baby skin to preventing unnecessary expenditure on substandard wipes that fall apart on the first use, wipes are just as important as your preferred diaper brand.

Many parents also wish to proactively avoid wipes made with plastics, fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and other potentially harmful chemicals to support their goals for mindful living and sustainability.

What to Avoid in a Baby Wipe Product

Here, we've collated some of the most common issues we have experienced with low-quality baby wipes, and we’ll explain how The Wipe by Coterie was designed to be cleaner and easier to use.

Wipes That Are Poorly Dispensed

In the middle of a quick diaper change, the last thing you or your baby needs is for your wipes to tear off in small, fiddly pieces or to be dispensed in huge handfuls. The resulting wastage means buying more packs of wipes more often or struggling to manage a bigger mess.

The Wipe dispenses one large wipe every time–ensuring you can select exactly the number of wipes you need, your changes are quicker, and each pack lasts longer.

Wipes That Are Too Thin and Breakable

Changing a soiled diaper is never the most glamorous part of parenting, but it is also an essential task, keeping your precious baby’s skin soothed, clean, and comforted. Thin, brittle wipes that fall to pieces can make a simple diaper change a stressful experience–to the detriment of the one-on-one time with your baby that is essential to bonding.

If you are changing a diaper during a day out, having substandard wipes can also impact your plans and mean returning home for a full clean-up or outfit change. The Wipe is engineered with exceptional fabric density and tensile strength, with wipes that won’t pull apart, leak, or prove too thin for bigger spills.

Wipes That Aren’t Helping Diaper Rash and Soreness

Chemicals and toxins in many conventional baby wipes may not be considered the best in terms of baby skincare standards. Although some babies may not be affected, those with delicate skin can develop irritation and rashes.

Coterie wipes are 100% hypoallergenic and cruelty-free, with pediatrician approval and comprehensive dermatological testing to ensure they are safe for even the youngest infant skin. With 99% purified water and 1% ingredients such as vitamin E, our wipes are created to provide a soft, gentle cleansing function.

Wipes That Are Harmful to the Environment

So many parents and families are deeply concerned about the negative ramifications of disposing of hundreds of plastic diapers and baby wipes every year, particularly as more of us realize that plastic fibers can take over a century to break down.

We designed The Wipe as an eco-conscious product that respects the natural world. Each wipe is created from biodegradable materials that decompose in approximately three months, about half that of an orange peel, and features plant-based fibers that are a more responsible, environmentally friendly option.

Wipes That Are Too Small for Growing Infants

The Wipe by Coterie is up to 30% larger than average wipes, which means parents require fewer wipes per change and can use only the number of wipes they need. One larger wipe is a more efficient way to manage larger messes, particularly as babies approach their toddling stages and start to sample solid foods!

Fewer wipes mean every individual pack will last substantially longer, and you can confidently tackle changes, knowing your wipes are designed to be stronger, thicker, and bigger.

Why Is It Important to Choose Chemical-Free Baby Wipes?

Newborns and infants with sensitive skin can often experience irritation, redness, and soreness due to exposure to moisture, chemicals and additives in their wipes, and harsh cleaning and soap-based products.

Recognized by the National Eczema Association with a coveted Seal of Acceptance, The Wipe was created without more than 200 of the most frequently used chemicals in baby care products. It is free of dyes, alcohol, and other ingredients unsuitable for the most delicate skin.

Coupled with an EWG-Certified status for health and transparency and FSC Certification for the plant-based materials used in manufacturing our baby wipes, Coterie’s The Wipe meets the highest levels of quality across the board.