How Often Should You Change a Newborn’s Diaper at Night?

Navigating Nighttime Changes for Newborn Comfort

by Coterie Team

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Most newborns wake up at least once or twice for a feed during the night. This is a great opportunity to change wet diapers and ensure your baby is warm and dry before settling them back down to sleep with a full tummy.

However, this becomes a little more complicated if your newborn is blissfully dreaming and has a damp diaper. The general rule is that unless the diaper is soiled, it should last until the next feed, necessitating no more than two or three changes a night as an upper threshold.

While you can use diaper cream to try and prevent or soothe diaper rash, The Diaper by Coterie has a liquid capacity up to 70% greater than other diapers to help prevent this (based on lab testing against other commercially available brands).

Why Do Newborn’s Diapers Need Changing More Often?

Tiny infants typically require more diaper changes during the day and night, which will steadily reduce as they grow–until, in a few years, they can switch to diapers just for bedtime. Young babies are more vulnerable to skin irritation and diaper rash, making it important to change a soiled diaper as soon as you can and to choose a quality diaper that will be gentle on your baby's skin.

Depending on your routine, you can change a diaper before or after feeding, although many moms and dads opt for a change before. Many babies find their feeding times soothing, comforting, and relaxing, nodding off into a peaceful sleep.

Delaying a diaper change until after a feed could mean waking your baby up and reducing the hours of sleep you enjoy each night. During the day, it can lead to your baby becoming tired and fussy at having their natural sleep cycle disturbed.

How Many Newborn Diapers Should I Use a Day?

There is no universal standard amount of time you should leave between diaper changes, and every newborn is unique, meaning they may need changing more often or less frequently depending on multiple variables. As a rough idea, our newborn-sized diaper subscription box comes with 186 individual diapers, which equates to around six changes a day.

The N/1 newborn diaper box contains three packs of size N diapers with the comfort, umbilical cord notch and three packs of size one diapers–which is approximately seven changes a day. As your baby develops, you will normally begin to change them slightly less often, shifting to six changes a day through diaper sizes two and three, then reducing changes further to five and then four times a day.

Why Does a Premium Newborn Diaper Help Reduce Unnecessary Changes?

The performance characteristics of The Diaper–with up to three-times-greater drying power and up to four-times-faster wicking speeds (compared to other commercially available brands in lab testing)–ensure that even when your baby's diaper is wet, that moisture will be absorbed quickly. It is up to you when you decide to change your baby or when you leave them to rest. Our suggestion would be to follow your baby’s cues and your instincts, settling into a routine that feels right for your family.

The convenience of an auto-renew diaper subscription means you have the assurance of always having plenty of fresh diapers to hand, with gradual sizing progressions matched to your baby's weight rather than their age. This comes with the added benefit of a recurring discount and text-based order management to customize your delivery schedule and diaper sizes as often as you need to!