How Many of Each Size Diaper Should I Register For?

Ensuring you have enough diapers on hand

by Coterie Team

While many first-time parents need help selecting diaper sizes, it's also important to ensure you have a good backup supply. This ensures you never run out at the worst possible time or find yourself rushing to the nearest store for a low-quality pack of diapers to tide you over.

Newborns and younger infants typically need around seven changes a day (obviously this can vary, as every baby is different). This can drop to six diapers per day when they reach roughly ten pounds and drops again to an average of five changes when they hit twenty pounds. Therefore, most parents find that having around thirty-five to fifty diapers a week is perfect, depending on the age and weight of their child.

These guidelines, further detailed in our handy sizing chart, provide a great reference point if you're curious about how to know when to size up or wondering how many diapers you'll need every week!

Why Do Babies Need Fewer Diaper Changes as They Grow?

Every baby grows at a different pace and will try solid foods or develop the communication skills to let you know they need the bathroom in their own time. When children are tiny newborns, for example, they will need a fresh, clean diaper far more often than older toddlers.

As they grow and can drink more fluids without needing to visit the bathroom as frequently, parents find they can gradually reduce the number of diaper changes per day, guided by their little ones' habits and routines.

The average number of changes you should anticipate per day and the number of diapers you’ll need are as follows:

  • Newborn babies, up to twelve pounds, usually require around seven daily changes.
  • Infants from ten to sixteen pounds and up to twenty-four pounds may need a fresh diaper six times a day.
  • Babies may need an average of five changes daily once they reach twenty to thirty-two pounds and four changes when they are thirty-five pounds or more.

Of course, it is useful to have a small backup supply, just in case.

Tips on Setting Up Your Diaper Subscription Deliveries

The figures we've explored tell us that, on average, a newborn can require up to fifty changes per week–which means that parents of newborns may need around 200 diapers over the course of a typical month. Older babies who need fewer changes will generally require around thirty-five diapers a week, or around 140 a month, which helps to plan and adjust your deliveries as necessary.

Coterie's diaper registry is designed for simplicity. Our optimized box sizes are based on the average changes your baby will need each day and as they grow and become more active. One box will provide all the diapers you’ll need for a month, split into six individual packs.

To avoid having too many diapers for your storage space or finding that you keep running out after a couple of weeks, we adapt the number of diapers within each box according to your baby's weight and diaper size. You can also adjust the frequency of your deliveries exactly as you wish.

Advantages of an Auto-Renew Diaper Registry

Auto-Renew is a convenient solution and takes one thing off your to-do list! Here is a quick overview of how our deliveries work:

  • Each Auto-Renew order of our high-performing diapers receives a 10% discount.
  • Your diapers will be delivered on your ideal schedule, once every three to five weeks.
  • If you need to make changes, such as sizing up your diapers or adjusting the delivery date to suit your routine, you can tell us via text, and we'll take care of the rest.

Are diaper sizes universal? Unfortunately, they aren't, which often means you need to adjust if you are ordering from a different brand. To make life easier, we have collated a comprehensive sizing chart so you can see exactly which size is the best option for your little one, along with an indication of how many diapers you're likely to need each day!