How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need for a Year?

Estimating Your Yearly Baby Wipe Consumption

by Coterie Team

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As you prepare to welcome your new bundle of joy into your life, you may also be thinking about the fact that the baby will come with extra expenses. With proper budgeting, however, you can give your baby all the comfort they deserve without breaking the bank.

One of the items you need to budget for is baby wipes. Clean baby wipes are essential for keeping your baby’s skin clean when changing their diaper. The number of baby wipes you use every day will depend on how often you’re changing your baby’s diaper—the younger your baby and the more frequently they soil their diaper, the more wipes you’ll most likely use.

You also have to consider what you use the wipes for. For instance, if you use baby wipes on your baby’s face or hands, you’ll use more wipes per year.

Other Factors That Determine How Many Wipes You’ll Use

The number of wipes your baby needs per year will also depend on your baby’s size, weight, age, and how routinely you feed them. If you feed your baby frequently, you’ll have to change their diaper regularly, which may require you to use more baby wipes. You also need to factor in the possibility of having a diaper blowout once in a while.

Under normal circumstances, a baby will require one to two baby wipes to change a wet diaper and seven to ten wipes to change a soiled diaper. This means you might end up using between twenty and thirty wipes a day.

Using the numbers above, you’ll most likely need up to 900 baby wipes per month, but this still depends on the factors discussed above–and every baby is different. Because a year has 365 days, you can expect to possibly use up to 10,000 baby wipes in a year.

This can add up to a massive cost, so you should choose a brand that offers baby wipes that are large enough to get the job done properly with fewer wipes needed per clean-up. Coterie’s The Wipe is up to 30% larger than other wipes on the market—allowing you to more easily wipe your baby clean and use less wipes at every diaper change.

Save Money by Prioritizing Quality

Baby wipes account for a huge part of the cost of a newborn, and choosing the right brand can keep your baby healthy and your wallet happy. Coterie’s The Wipe goes a long way, which will help save you money. Our wipes are also made of plant-based fibers and gentle ingredients to ensure they’re soft and safe to use on your baby.

For example, our baby wipes don’t have alcohol in them and are free from more than 200 potentially harmful chemicals often found in mainstream baby products. Choosing high-quality wipes that are larger and gentler will help you reduce wipe waste while keeping your baby happy and comfortable!