How Much Is a Diaper Subscription?​​

See if the convenience of a diaper subscription is worth it!

by Coterie Team

Babies go through up to ten diapers a dayOpens in a new tab., especially in their first few years. You never want to be in a situation where you don’t have enough.

A diaper subscription, which automatically sends you a set amount of diapers on a recurring schedule (usually monthly), is a good way to prevent that from happening. The cost of this varies per brand. Coterie’s auto-renew diaper service is $90–about $3 a day–and ships every four weeks, with the option to skip or cancel any time.

What Is a Diaper Subscription?

A diaper subscription is a service offered by some brands to ship a supply of their diapers to you on a set schedule. It’s a convenient option for parents who want to ensure that they always have the right type and amount of diapers for their child at any time.

A diaper subscription is usually very flexible. You can define when and what type of products are shipped, adjusting as your baby grows. For example, you may need more diapers and more frequent deliveries in the first few months, but reduce these when your kid gets to their first year.

Note that among the three types of diaper options, disposable diapers are generally the ones offered in a subscription service. This is one of the advantages of disposable diapers.

How Does a Diaper Subscription Work?

A diaper subscription works by automatically sending you a certain number of diapers on a recurring schedule, typically every four weeks. Coterie’s diaper subscription allows you to manage the service at any time; you can skip or cancel whenever, and you can change the size of the diaper as needed.

How Much Does a Diaper Subscription Cost?

The cost of a diaper subscription varies per brand, depending on the quality of products, other inclusions in the shipment, and the amount of customization offered with the service. They usually range from around $50 to $100 per delivery.

Coterie’s The Diaper subscription is $90 every four weeks–worth it for premium-quality diapers that your baby’s bound to love!

Is a Diaper Subscription Worth It?

A diaper subscription is worth it just from the convenience alone. You never have to worry about not having enough nor do you need to deal with lugging giant boxes of diapers from the grocery each time.

A diaper subscription is even more worthwhile for the savings you get with it. By getting a recurring shipment from one brand you’re loyal to, you often get your diapers at a discounted rate that’s cheaper than if you’d bought the same amount without the subscription.

What To Look For in a Diaper Subscription

Choosing the right diaper subscription is important to ensure that you’re getting the best quality products for your baby and a service that you can rely on. As you narrow down your choices, remember to consider the following:


Babies go through about 3,000 diapers in their first yearOpens in a new tab.. Signing up for a subscription service can save you a lot because you get your supply at a below-retail price.

Still, the cost varies per brand, so it’s important to consider a budget you’re willing to spend each month. Remember to focus on value, weighing the price with the brand, the products, and the service.

Subscription Model

The best diaper subscriptions will grant you the flexibility to manage your preferences at any time–without any penalties. Find a flexible service with a commitment-free model so that you have the freedom to make changes as your baby grows.

Product Quality

With a diaper subscription, you’re staying loyal to a brand, and that means trusting that its products work for your child while keeping them happy and comfortable all day, every day. Before you sign up for a subscription, test the products to see if they’re ticking off all the important boxes for quality, such as absorbency, softness, and sustainability. You’ll also want to check that you have adequate sizing options to accommodate your child’s growing body.


Only get a diaper subscription from a brand that you’re sure will deliver what you need as expected. Consider its reputation and track record, checking reviews from parents who have tried its services.

Get a Diaper Subscription from Coterie

Coterie’s The Diaper auto-renew diaper subscription provides you with a monthly supply of diapers (from 108 to 198 per box, depending on the size) every four weeks for $90 a month. That’s around $3 a day for cleaner, premium-quality diapers with up to 70% more liquid capacity and four-times-faster absorbency than other brands. Subscribe for regular shipments today!