How Often Should You Change a Diaper?

Balancing Baby Comfort with Environmental Considerations

by Coterie Team

baby wearing coterie diaper
baby wearing coterie diaper

Generally, parents find that a change every two to three hours during the day is ideal, although it is always important to change a soiled diaper as soon as you can, freshening your baby and keeping their skin clean, dry, and soothed.

The higher absorbency rate offered by The Diaper can help prevent leaks and blowouts between changes, particularly overnight. As a premium diaper made for modern parenting, Coterie’s diaper has up to 70% liquid capacity (based on lab testing against other brands) which can help with exceptional reductions in wetness against the baby’s skin.

There are numerous reasons to choose highly-absorbable, sustainable diapers–such as reducing the volume of disposable baby diapers sent to landfill, avoiding disturbing your baby’s precious hours of sleep, and ensuring you can enjoy quality time together without frequent changes.

Common Reasons to Find Yourself Changing Your Baby’s Diaper Multiple Times

Repeated changes can disrupt your routine and distress sleepy babies who want to snuggle and soak up their experience of the big wide world around them. If you feel that you are needing to change a diaper far more often than you would like, this is likely because:

  • The diaper is too small, with leaks that generate surplus laundry and mean you may need to carry extra changes of clothes with you.
  • Your baby is growing fast, producing more urine than the diaper can hold. Please review our diaper sizes or contact us for further guidance about the most suitable size.
  • The diaper brand is not sufficiently absorbent. This means that, rather than locking moisture safely away from your baby’s skin, the liquid remains in contact, causing discomfort and irritation.

While there is no specific number of times you should change a diaper every day, and every baby is beautifully unique, it is well worth checking on the sizing and absorbency quality of your chosen diaper brand to evaluate whether this is the cause.

How Does a Premium Diaper Help Reduce the Frequency of Changes?

Here at Coterie, we designed The Diaper to address every hiccup we have experienced as parents of newborns and to harness the scope of technology at our fingertips. From fabric selection to sustainability credentials, a superb, stretchy fit to cater to every baby, outstanding safety, and the elimination fragrance and heavy metals, The Diaper was created to be high-performing with high safety standards for baby’s delicate skin.

One piece of advice we'd share is that if you find yourself changing your newborn's diaper more often, this may be fine. First-time parents often worry about their baby's comfort and wellbeing. If you feel more comfortable and confident when your baby is wearing a fresh diaper, this may be a priority during this transitional period.

However, as your baby grows, becomes more mobile and inquisitive, and is more active during the day, your focus may be to support uncompromising skin protection without resigning yourself to an hourly change. You may want to look for a premium quality diaper that is highly absorbent and also proven hypoallergenic—a diaper that quickly wicks liquid away from your baby’s skin can help keep them dry and comfortable between changes

We’ve detailed the independent testing results and laboratory specifications on our safety reports page to ensure you have access to a full range of data to make an informed choice about which diaper is right for your baby!