What Are the Best Diapers?

What to think about when picking what’s best for you and your baby

by Coterie Team

We know that finding the right diaper for your baby can get challenging. There are so many brands to consider, each one with its own set of claims and features, and each one working differently for every kid (and parent, too!).

We can’t emphasize how important a good diaper is to keep your child comfortable and happy each day. So, finding the best diaper is a mission every mom and dad must accomplish early on.

The Diaper by Coterie is among the best diapers on the market today. It’s fast-wicking, absorbent, and made with cleaner ingredients, making it a superb option for your little one!

What Makes a Diaper ‘the Best?’

The best diapers will have the right balance of utility, sustainability, and price, and ultimately offer great value for money. Here’s a list of what you need to look for when choosing a diaper brand that is most suited for your baby:


Diapers typically come with different features that make them more comfortable and practical for use.


A diaper can come scented or unscented. The former is great for when you want your child to smell great, but these added chemicals might cause some irritation on your baby’s bottom. If your child has sensitive skin, it’s best to stay safe and opt for unscented diapers.


The main purpose of a diaper is to absorb all the liquid and residue that your little one expels. At the very least, you’ll want a diaper that does this job well. A good way to qualify this is if the diaper can carry a good amount of liquid between changes without becoming too heavy or saggy.


Leak-proofness goes hand-in-hand with absorbency. You don’t want anything spilling outside of the diaper! A well-made diaper can help prevent that from happening. This feature is especially handy for overnight use.


Your baby is going to be in their diaper all day long. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be if their bottoms were always itchy or stuffy! Always choose diapers that are made using soft and breathable materials.


A diaper that fits right makes a difference in its comfort and utility, so you’ll want a pair that has a good amount of stretch. Your baby’s diaper should be flexible enough to fit comfortably (without being too loose–adjustable straps are a useful bonus here!) without leaving any marks or creases on their skin.


Your baby’s diapers don’t just affect your baby. They will have some bearing on you, too, because you’ll be the one dealing with them every time a change is needed. If you have a busy schedule, it makes sense to buy durable disposable diapers that can handle your kid’s diapering demands.


Parents spend a lot of money on diapers in the first few years of their kid’s life. They’re an investment, and just like with any other investment, it’s important to consider their value for money (and not just the total at checkout!). Find a brand that prices its diapers fairly!


The truth is that diapers are going to generate a lot of waste, so you want to make sure you’re buying from an eco-conscious brand by paying attention to how it makes its products and conducts its business. These companies typically make extra-robust diapers to ensure that they can be used longer.


When it comes to picking diapers, it’s always better to go for a trusted brand that has proven its capabilities and is recommended by fellow parents. Don’t fall for fluff advertising. Instead, check the tests and the science, and listen to the experiences of other moms and dads.

The Best Diaper From Coterie

With up to twelve-hour leak protection, 70% more liquid capacity, and four-times-faster absorbency, Coterie’s The Diaper is designed to keep your child feeling good all day! It’s made with 25% plant-based, soft-as-cashmere, apparel-grade materials, and it’s free from more than 200 chemicals. It’s also hypoallergenic, dermatologist-recommended, and cruelty-free!

Give Your Baby Better: The Diaper From Coterie

Coterie is committed to being you and your baby’s best friend, which is why we’ve designed our fast-wicking, absorbent, cleaner diaper. Get a one-time supply for the month or get a diaper subscription for delivery every four weeks!