Which Is Better: Diaper Pants or Taped Diapers?

Understanding the Best Diaper Option for Your Baby

by Coterie Team

It's important to know which kind of diaper works best for your child, and at some point, that’s going to boil down to a question between diaper pants or taped diapers. While both promise to keep your kid’s bottom dry and comfortable, especially if you’re getting from a brand like Coterie that delivers uncompromising performance, these two kinds of diapers may work differently in certain situations.

For instance, taped diapers are often better for babies six months and below in age, while diaper pants are more suited for active babies, like those learning potty training. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the differences between diaper pants and taped diapers to help you choose the right type for your little one!

The Differences Between Diaper Pants and Taped Diapers

The main difference between diaper pants and taped diapers is how they’re put on and taken off of your baby, but other factors could contribute to you choosing one type over the other. Here’s a quick comparison between the two:


Diaper pants are pull-up diapers with an elastic waist so you or your baby can easily pull them up or down when needed. Taped diapers, on the other hand, feature tapes on the waist that you can adjust for a snug fit.


Taped diapers are often the first type of diaper a baby uses. They’re made for little ones between zero to six months old who can’t hold themselves up. Taped diapers are put on by laying the baby down and then securing the taped area around the waist.

Babies typically use diaper pants after they’ve hit the six-month mark, which is when they become more active. They’re designed to make potty training easy as you or your kiddo can easily pull them up or down when they need to go. Diaper pants are helpful in promoting a sense of ownership and independence for your child.


The best diaper brands, like Coterie, will have both taped diapers and diaper pants that offer maximum dryness and comfort. That said, generally speaking, taped diapers are usually more absorbent than diaper pants–making them ideal for young babies who have heavy wetting patterns.


Both diaper pants and taped diapers come in a range of sizes to accommodate babies of all ages. That said, the latter is often more flexible; by design, they’re more easily adjustable to growing kids.


Diaper pants are the more convenient option since they’re easy to take on and off. They also usually come with tape for easy disposal; you just need to wrap it and secure it before throwing it in the bin. Taped diapers take a little bit more work when it’s time for a change, but they’re an essential first diaper for all.

Choosing Between Diaper Pants and Taped Diapers

Choosing between diaper pants and taped diapers primarily depends on your baby’s age, movement, and skin sensitivity, and the convenience you require for changes. Let’s break down the factors you should think about when choosing between the two types of diapers.

Baby’s Age and Mobility

Diaper pants are generally better for babies on the move, while taped diapers are more suited for newborns or less active infants. Once your baby is also more independent, they may transition to diaper pants, especially when they’re at the potty training stage.

Baby’s Skin Sensitivity

Although all types of diapers are made with babies’ skin sensitivity in mind, taped diapers are often the preferred choice if your child is prone to rashes. They usually offer less risk of irritation.

Ease of Use

Diaper pants are better for parents on the go who need quick and hassle-free changes. They’re also easier to use by babies learning how to go potty on their own.

Coterie’s Pant for Active Babies

When your baby is starting to become more active or is already showing signs that they’re ready for potty training, it’s time to transition to diaper pants. Coterie’s Pant comes with a unique two-in-one change feature that allows you to pull it up and down like underwear or change it like a diaper–just in case you’re not ready to fully commit to a full pull-up diaper just yet!