Many of us are parents, and preserving the planet for our children’s future is one of our top priorities, along with our babies’ immediate health and comfort.

Quality diapering products play a big role in those things. So throughout design and production of ours, we make highly considered choices to reduce our environmental impact and move toward earth-friendlier disposable diapering without compromising on superior performance and the safest materials.

Investing in the future

With today’s technology, all disposable diapers (no matter the brand) need some synthetic components to function—otherwise moisture would seep through and they’d fall apart during use. No disposable diaper is 100% biodegradable or organic yet, and even reusable diapers require energy and water to produce and wash. The only completely natural, zero-impact choice would be no diaper at all, but as you can imagine, that could get messy.

There’s a lot of greenwashing going on in the industry, but we’ll always be transparent about our processes and materials.

Here’s where we stand today

We reduce packaging waste wherever possible. Our shipper boxes are fully recyclable, packed efficiently, and we never use packing peanuts or plastic insulation (our diapers are plenty soft as is).

Our diapers are made with 25% plant-based materials from sustainably managed forests. There are brands that use higher percentages of plant-based materials in their diapers, but they don’t hold up as well against wetness—our top priority is keeping your baby dry and free of diaper rash or irritation.

Our wood pulp is TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) and there’s no fragrance, lotion, latex, rubber, dyes, alcohol, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, chlorine bleaching, VOCs, optical brighteners, or animal testing.

Our wipes are constructed of 100% plant-based VEOCEL™ Lyocell (cellulosic fibers from renewable wood sources produced in a closed loop system), with a solution of 99% Water and 1% Vitamin E + Glycerin + gentle preservatives to ensure safety—no plastics, fragrance, latex, rubber, dyes, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, chlorine bleaching, or animal testing.

They’re EWG Verified, have received the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance™, and are certified Home Compostable by TÜV Austria to be fully composted in less than 5 weeks (that’s faster than an apple core),

These measures are baby steps toward a future of fully sustainable diapering, but baby steps still get babies where they need to go (even if there’s some wobbling along the way). We’re excited for what’s to come, and will keep you updated with new developments as we build out our sustainability roadmap. If you have questions, feedback, or great ideas, you can always reach us at [email protected]

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